Development Objectives and Action Programme

The College plans to utilize/exploit the advantages offered by its location to achieve the objectives, inherently stated in the ‘Vision Statement’, of imparting education of Architecture and allied fields of physical development.

Agra, with its immediate surroundings, is the treasure house of Mughal Architecture. Thereby, it offers a unique opportunity to develop the College as an important seat of learning and research for ‘Architectural Conservation’ and ‘Architectural History’ of mediaeval India.

The proximity of this city with the National Capital and other important State Capitals i.e Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhopal and Chandigarh; as also with business /IT hub of NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, Gurgaon with industrial cities of Faridabad, Ghaziabad etc., open up the chances to study new trends of Architecture and construction technology in India.

The college visualizes its developmental path through a set of ‘Short-term Action Plans’ focused on the goals of its ‘Long-term Programme’ to meet stated objectives.

Short-term Action Plan

As a part of its short-term plan, for a target period of about 7 to 10 years of its establishment, the College is already set on the path of the consolidating its present course of B. Arch with efforts to acquire all necessary infrastructure and human resources so as to offer quality education. To establish and equip the Laboratories and workshops with ‘state of the art’ tools and techniques is seen as an essential and integrated part of the development with potential to offer opportunities for focused research in the area of ‘Sustainable Development’ of built environment, ‘Energy efficient Building Design’, and ‘Architectural Conservation’. To initiate the under-graduate programme in the allied field of ‘Physical Planning’ and ‘Landscape Architecture’ along with a Postgraduate programme of M. Arch offering specialization In the areas of ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Architectural Conservation’ is planned, in a phased manner, towards the later part of this period. The focus, however, shall not be off the existing under-graduate Programme of B. Arch.

Long-term Programme

The College aims to keep an eye on the new policy base of the Union and UP State Government for ‘Urban and Infrastructural development’, and transpose it for education and research with an objective to develop the related technology and create appropriate human resource base. In that pursuit the College will find varied directions for education of Architecture and allied fields by offering specialized and focussed courses in the areas of Energy, Physical Infrastructure, Real Estate, Environmental Design and Applied and Urban Arts. More under-graduate and post-graduate courses will be initiated in such areas. The college will also seek to initiate the Doctoral Programme for architecture and related areas. With such high-end educational and infrastructural development the college intends to join hands with the sister institutions and contribute to translate itself into a University.